OSOM Apps Affiliate T&C

Our Affiliate Program is meant to encourage you to promote our apps to bring us to new audiences and to make sure that you are rewarded for your activity.


Commission Structure

Affiliates can earn a 30% commission for up to 24 months exclusively for the app. If the customer uninstalls the app or closes their store, the affiliate commission for that customer will be terminated.

Commission Eligibility

When a new user signs up for Osom Apps apps, they will start on a Free Plan/paid plan. The Free Plan allows users to explore all features with certain limitations and user will not get any commision in that case. You will earn commissions when the merchant upgrades to one of the paid plans.

Payment Process

Once your Affiliate account reaches a minimum balance of $50 in credits and you have an active PayPal account linked, you will begin receiving payments from the Osom Apps Team. Commission earnings for affiliate sales within the current month will be calculated and transferred during the 3rd week of the following month. For instance, commissions earned in August will be transferred during the 3rd week of September

Refund Policy

If a merchant requests a refund within the 30-day money-back guarantee period while using the Osom Apps app, the affiliate commission for that transaction will not be counted.

Affiliate Referral link

Once your application is approved, you will receive your unique affiliate referral link. This link will direct visitors to the app store with the “Affiliate Strategy,” and it contains your unique reference handle. This allows us to track each new merchant you refer.

How It Works

Your personalized affiliate referral link comes with a 60-day tracking cookie. This ensures that if a visitor clicks on your affiliate link on your website, you’ll receive credit for the referral as long as the visitor installs app within 45 days. Once the merchant selects a paid plan and is billed through Shopify Billing, you’ll earn a commission bounty.

Requirements for Active Partners

To continue receiving recurring commission payments, you must maintain active status as a Osom Apps Partner. This involves referring at least one active merchant at least once every 12 months to continue earning commissions.

Qualifications for Affiliate Program Participation

We meticulously assess each application for affiliate program participation and approve partners who meet the following criteria:
- Online Presence: You possess an “online property” with regular visitors, such as a blog, YouTube channel, or other related platforms.
- Shopify Services: You offer Shopify-related services such as building Shopify stores, customizing storefronts, and other relevant services.
- Shopify Partner Account: You have an active Shopify Partner Account.

Prohibited Activities

- Self-Purchases: Earning commissions on your own purchases is prohibited and will be considered fraudulent. Any such commissions will be reversed.Partner Landing Pages: Commissions cannot be earned from partner landing pages.
- Promotion Programs: Commissions cannot be earned from our standard promotion programs. However, you may participate in special promotion programs upon receiving advance notification via email.
- Coupon & Deal Sites: Affiliates affiliated with coupon and deal sites are not accepted.
- Restrictions: Earning commissions through advertisements (e.g., Pay Per Click, Display Ads such as Google Search Ads, Google Display Ads) using keywords containing “Osom Apps,”  is prohibited unless a mutual agreement explicitly permits this practice.
- Email Marketing: Buying email lists and conducting email marketing campaigns to earn commissions is not allowed.